Passionate about photography and nature since my youngest age, I walk the wild mountain of the Pyrenees as soon as I have the opportunity, in search of new sources of inspiration. I decided to create this site to share my photos with you, hoping that they give you beautiful emotions, similar to those that I felt during my mountain walks. My favorite subjects have always been those of nature, landscapes and fauna. Professional photographer installed in Saint jean Trolimon since 2015, I now find in the landscapes of the Breton littoral new sources of inspiration.
The animal pictures were made in the Pyrenees mountain near Bagnères de Luchon and those of Brittany, during my walks in bigouden country with some incursions in the reserve of Cap Sizun, on the peninsula of Crozon and on the north coast Finistère . You will also see on the site many photos made in Venice where I went several times at the time of the carnival.
For landscapes, I like to restore special atmospheres, original atmospheres or find beautiful lights, which brings me to leave quite often one or two hours before dawn. I particularly like the lights of dawn because they offer a wide range of soft colors over a very short period of time that should be enjoyed. Before the sun shows its first rays, the light is often bluish and diffuse, producing a gentle and uniform light, and as soon as the first rays of the sun appear, it warms the landscapes in a red-orange tone that can sometimes Become of great intensity. The photos seen on this site are neither manipulated nor rigged and all have been realized in wilderness. They undergo at the most a few touches that are limited to the cropping of animal pictures or a rebalancing of the levels when it seems necessary to me.

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